The Host (2013) : Movie Review

I’ve forgotten how exactly the movie “The Host” ended up in my to-watch movie list, probably because it’s based on book of the same name by Stephanie Meyer, who also writes the Twilight Saga, which were so popular at the time. I skimmed through the movie first time, it was not until now (so practically 3 years later) when I was alone running out of to-watch materials that I decided to clicked on it and rewatched the movie, no skipping now (not that I could anyway lol)

The movie told the story of Melanie Stryder, one of few remaining humans after certain species called Souls infiltrate the Earth. Souls doesn’t exactly kill human beings. First of all don’t imagine Souls to look like your typical green big-eyed creature with long oversized ears that speak with funny voice – Souls in their actual form are small creature that looks like myriapods with long legs. Only more divine


They are inserted to the side of your neck and voila! The body is now theirs. (fun fact : the human body doesn’t change, only the irises now turn electric light blue. And it was soooo fascinating I could stare at them all days).

Back to Melanie : she was ‘infused’ (is that the right word choice?) by a Soul called Wanderer (later shortened to Wanda) after being chased by a team of Seeker in her desperate attempt to lead them away from her kid brother Jamie. Poor Jamie, now he had to stick with Mel’s unofficial boyfriend, Jared.

Melanie’s soul was supposed to be dormant now that Wanda is in charge, but she ‘fought’ and would often prevent Wanda from sharing her secrets (for example Jared and Jamie current location and where they were heading). At first Wanda won, but then she (Wanda) started to feel confused because she too felt the love Mel has for Jamie and Jared (aww) and followed Mel’s plan to run away to Uncle Jeb’s place. Well more like a secret camp, because turned out Uncle Jeb has his own little village perfectly hidden in an not-so-inactive volcano in the dessert (why did I only find this weird now?)

I have to say that until this point I quite enjoyed the movie for two reasons : the captivating electric light blue eyes the Souls have (did I say that already?) and the recurrent battles between Melanie and Wanda (is that how bipolar look like?). I secretly I hope I have sister-voice in my brain to coach me on doing stuffs I have no idea how (like escaped from a guarded building) – but that’s for another ramble.

The scenes that followed was actually a bit disappointing (sorry! But I check rotten tomatoes and they only gave an 8%). The writers and directors were just trying to be overdramatic without giving any background stories. Like, Ian was one second wanted to kill Mel/Wanda (because he was convinced she was a spy or something), lucky Jared was there, but then Jared was still cold to Mel/Wanda and suddenly Ian was all protective toward Wanda (even saying I like you, like you). Helloo develop some plot please?

Fastforward to the end, Wanda was suddenly the sweetheart in that little secret camp, but she realized she couldn’t be in Melanie’s body forevermore. She decided to have the village’s doctor removed her Soul so Melanie can be alive and well in her body again. Which is sweet, but also means she would have to die (actually not, a Soul can be transported to another planet where it can starts a new life, but Wanda feels like she doesn’t want to live in a world where people she cares about don’t exist. So Bella Swan). At a (not shown) last minute decision, Wanda’s Soul is infused instead to another human body (apparently they have some dying body in that place that would die hadn’t they infused Wanda’s Soul in).

*insert such dramatic, much fairytale doge meme here*

Anyway, that’s the happy ending for everyone : Jared-Melanie, Ian-Wanda. Epilogue : several months afterward the four was captured by what they initially thought were Seekers*, but they turned out to be a mixed group of Human and Souls living together just like them. One of the human in that group told the four that they are the forth mixed group they found, one where Soul(s) and Human forms alliance together.

Cheesy ending, but the Radioactive song playing at the end makes everything better! I wouldn’t strongly recommend this movie, but if you can shut down your logic for a while and have nothing better to do, this movie can be a pleasant view to watch. Applause to Saoirse Ronan for making Melanie/Wanda really entertaining, I really enjoy the internal debate/conversation probably a little too much.

And the icy blue eyes of those Souls : guilty pleasure. Low-key obsessed bruh.


Seekers : Souls whose job is to capture human


PS: Here’s some shots to show you why their electric light blue eyes are totes adorbs


Like it even looks good on the antagonist.



that’s all for now guys, c u next time!