Royal Wedding : A Meg Cabot’s Book Review

No one, at least those with continuos access to the Internet, will have never heard of Anne Hathaway and the many many amazing movies she’s starred in. My personal favorite is the Princess Diaries (probably because my helpless tendency to love fairytale-ish stuffs) – so I was notably upset when I found out that the book from which the movie is based is actually the first of (currently) nine books of the series.

Which I found out accidentally, by the way. Apparently the copy of the eleventh book, The Royal Wedding, was lying around in my bookshelves.

I love the way Meg Cabot writes the book : the occassional sarcasm, the way she develops Princess Mia’s personality (I was shocked that she’s 26 yo in this book, the princess was so small in the movie!), and the way everything about the book fulfills one’s fairytale-ish fantasy. Mia’s not so occassional sarcasm and insecurity really bring to light that no matter what your position in life, there are gonna be things that make you uncomfortable, and that’s fine : All of us have our own problems and our own unusual ways of solving things. All of us make mistakes and learn from them, and the sun rise and once again we will try to do our best.

Okay wise rant end here. Back to the book.

Doesn’t the cover just look amazing? Pict credit to

The story takes place in New York, and starts with the scandal caused by Mia’s father’s overspeeding in the highway of NYC with his newly acquired F1 car (apparently in an attempt to steal Mia’s mother’s attention, whom he apparently still in love with). Of course this only result in his arrest by the NYPD, and all the press just have  to put the news as their headline, potentially crushing Mia’s dad’s (later I learned his name is Prince Artur Philippe) chance at winning the Genovia’s PM election. Mia and her Grandmere (currently the dowager princess of Genovia) were also busy handling some other stuffs like refugee crisis, demonstration, and (for Mia) the new community centre opened in behalf on her late stepfather Mr. Gianini.

Mia’s long time boyfriend Michael Moscovitz proposed during their weekend getaway in an exotic Exumas island, right on her 26th birthday. Which is soooo cute. But also a little disastrous since apparently press always knows in advance of things like this and the date of the wedding as well as several details were out before either Mia or Michael get the chance to tell their families and friends personally.

And another drama : Mia has a half-sister. Apparently her father fell in love with a jet flyer Elizabeth Harrison and had a daughter with her, Olivia Grace. My first thought : Meg Cabot just goes all Grey’s Anatomy on us! (Really though, Shonda, Meredith having two half-sisters and not knowing about it until adulthood is a little too much). And her father has been paying child support too, as well as corresponding with letter to her. Hmm. Mia’s first impulse was to run to the girl and embrace her little sister, an impulse that just got magnified when she found out the girl’s family (Olivia is living with her uncle’s since her mother died when she was two) was about to move to Qalif. Although I appreciate Mia’s heroic action of going to New Jersey and save her sister from a school bully just in time, my logical side can’t help but frown at this : more scandal, really? As if the Dad-in-the-court and soon-to-happen-wedding is not enough to overwhelm oneself.

The book closed with a chain of joyous news : Mia turned out be 8 weeks pregnant with twins, Mia’s parents get back together (although this means her father abdicating the throne, thus putting Mia immediately next in line as Genovia’s ruler), Olivia and Rocky (Mia’s half brother) are going with them to Genovia, and of course, they’re married. Our beloved Mia Thermopolis and Michael Moscovitz, married!

Oh, and for the record, I would love for the twins to be named Luke and Leia (if they’re girl and boy). I mean sure naming the twins Arthur or Helen or Elizabeth or Phillip is good, but naming them after world famous twins is just epic. That’s what I will – or would – do if I were a princess giving birth to twin anyway 😀


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